Rega Neo TT/PSU

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The Neo PSU is an advanced turntable power supply providing user controllable fine speed adjustment, advanced anti-vibration motor circuit and the convenience of electronic speed change. The Neo will make a welcome addition to any compatible Rega turntable by reducing motor noise, improving speed stability and rotational speed accuracy.

The Neo PSU is compatible with the following Rega turntable models:

P3-24 / RP3 / Planar 3 2016 / RP6 / P5 / P7 / RP40 special edition / RP8

Or any older Rega turntable fitted with our aftermarket 24v motor kit


  • Output to motor bi-phase = 24 V AC protected by resettable fuse.
  • Power consumption = 7.2 W
  • Voltage = 24 V AC
  • Power supply: Rega PS1 only.
  • Speed control step size = 0.01 RPM.